Parenting Tips

1. All work no play makes jack a dull boy: It is an old adage but still remains true to its word. We should encourage children to play any kind of sports they like. It not only helps them be stronger but also help them communicate with their friends and be a part of social assemblage.

2. Listen and Talk: It is important to communicate effectively with the Child. You should give warm hugs and smiles while listening to him/her and should encourage him/her to share feelings and inner thoughts. Try to answer the questions that are mushrooming in the brain.

3. Encouraging healthy food: Drinking a Glass of Milk is the biggest hurdle to cross. In Indian context where primary food is vegetarian giving a healthy food to child iis utmost important. We should encourage children to eat all types of vegetables and fruits. The best way in my experience had been the involvement of child while he is having meals. Making him/her eat while watching TV is a big NO . We should tell Child the importance of eating healthy.

4. Be your child’s Google: In the fast changing world it is important to give factual information to the Child. It is important to encourage child to ask questions and be inquisitive. When your child has a question then try to give first-hand information to the child in the manner understandable to him. Try to keep things simple and uncluttered.

5. Know your unique child: When it comes to your child, the real expert is you, the parent. Try to see the uniqueness in him and avoid making comparisons with other children. Encourage child to build passion in some area of interest and at the same time ensure that as a parent you spend enough time in encouraging the child develop talent and expertise in that area.

6. Cherish your child’s individuality: Give space to your Child. Always trying to interfere in day today activities and trying to impose your thoughts is not a good idea. Encourage child to have his or her experiences and then as a parent you should make the child child learn through experiences. This will help the child deal with various situations in life and will also make him/her emotionally stronger.

7. Set your household up for success : Make it work for the whole family. Model and teach good safety habits and establish routines. Discuss and enforce family rules that work for your household , for example, putting toys away after play.

8.Take care of yourself: As a parent it is important to love yourself. If you are not eating healthy then you cannot ask a child to eat healthy food. Children learn a lot by surroundings. So as a parent you should take care of your diet, exercise regularly so that you have enough stamina to get involved with your Child.